Coffe news from the web – n. 19 – 8th October 2010
Dar approves global coffee pact
Tanzania has approved the new International Coffee Agreement (ICA) 2007, signalling its readiness for free international coffee trade. […] Link – 8th October 2010
Coffee Marketers Need To Woo Young Adults
[…] Two-thirds (66%) of Americans drink at least one coffee daily, but only 27% of consumers 18 to 24 drink coffee daily, reports the research firm. […] Link – 8th October 2010
En duda meta de producción de café
Aunque la producción de café en Colombia muestra una recuperación frente al 2009, el que se cumpla la meta fijada por el gremio de 10 millones de sacos para el año civil -enero a diciembre- está en entredicho. […] Link – 8th October 2010
Receita com exportação de café soma US$ 3,693 bilhões de janeiro a setembro
[Brasil] – Levantamento do Conselho dos Exportadores de Café do Brasil (Cecafé), divulgado nesta quinta, dia 7, mostra que a receita cambial com exportação de café (verde, solúvel e torrado e moído) de janeiro a setembro aumentou 20%, em relação ao mesmo período do ano passado. O faturamento é de US$ 3,693 bilhões, ante US$ 3,066 bilhões em 2009. […] Link – 8th October 2010
Uganda’s Coffee Exports Fell 12.7% Last Season After a Drought Cut Yields
Shipments in the 12 months through September declined to 2.67 million, 60-kilogram (110-pound) bags, from 3.06 million bags in 2008-09, the agency said in an e-mail from the capital, Kampala. […] Link – 8th October 2010
Two-speed economy widens coffee gulf
West Australians have always felt removed from the rest of the country, but now the prices they pay for coffee put them a world away […] Link – 7th October 2010
Where does your instant coffee come from?
[India] – A new photographic exhibition – Made in Coorg – looks at what life is like for the coffee growers of the Coorg district of southern India, where the highly fertile land is increasingly sought after for larger plantations and tourism projects […] Link – 6th October 2010
Protegerán policía y ejército cosecha café en El Salvador
San Salvador. La policía y el ejército de El Salvador realizarán un vasto despliegue de efectivos para proteger la actual cosecha de café, anunciaron las autoridades. […] Link

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