Coffe news from the web – n. 24 – 17th November 2010
Coffee exports may exceed last year’s figures
[India] – High demand abroad, but a weak dollar may hurt realisations. Coffee exports from India will exceed last year’s figure, despite a possible downward revision of crop estimates for 2010-11, on the back of robust demand from importing countries. India exported 204,174 tonnes coffee last year. The target this year is 210,000 tonnes. […] Link – 17th November 2010
Arabica coffee output may drop 5 per cent
[India] – The production of domestic Arabica coffee is likely to drop 5 per cent during the current crop year due to very heavy rainfall in some of the growing areas in Karnataka over the last few days. As a result of the rainfall the harvesting of the crop has been delayed and the production of Arabica coffee may drop to around 95,000 tonnes. […] Link – 17th November 2010
Starbucks to start growing coffee in China, CEO says
[China] – Starbucks has not only helped popularize coffee in China, it’s also aiming to bring Chinese coffee to the world. “Starbucks, for the first time in our 40-year history, is going to start growing coffee,” CEO Howard Schultz said while on a trip to Beijing. […] Link – 16th November 2010
Heladas reducen hasta en 70% la producción de café en México
[México] – Por las heladas e inundaciones, la producción de café en Puebla, Veracruz, Chiapas y Guerrero cayó en 70 por ciento. Los caficultores prevén que tardará dos años recuperar el nivel de producción, ya que deben reponer plantas, por lo que se mantendrá baja la oferta del grano aromático durante dos años. […] Link – 16th November 2010
Coffee Harvest Delays Lengthen in Vietnam as More Rain Forecast
Harvesting of coffee in Vietnam, the world’s second-biggest producer, will be delayed for a further week because of rains, according to local weather officials. “We expect more rains to come in the next two to three days,” said, director of the Dak Lak Hydrology and Meteorology Office. […] Link – 15th November 2010
Starbucks to open world-first coffee farm in Yunnan
[China] – Starbucks will set up its first ever coffee farm in China to serve a growing number of drinkers in the world’s most populous nation. The coffee chain also pointed to a global battle for quality coffee beans as it outlined its plans to meet Chinese demand. […] Link – 15th November 2010
Brazil’s Coffee-Output Estimate Lowered by USDA Unit
Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee grower, will produce 1.4 percent less than forecast six months ago after hot, dry weather in the state of Espirito Santo cut robusta-bean output, a U.S. Department of Agriculture unit said. […] Link

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