Coffe news from the web – n. 48 – 6th May 2011
Viet Nam coffee exports to top $2.6 billion this year
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recently increased its forecast regarding the coffee export value for 2011 after coffee prices kept rising. According to the new forecast, coffee exports during 2011may well reach 1.2 million tonnes, worth more than US$2.6 billion. […] Link – 6th May 2011
Uganda Coffee Exports Rise 16% in April, Coffee Development Authority Says
Coffee exports from Uganda, Africa’s second-biggest grower of the crop, rose 16 percent in April, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority said. Shipments climbed to 176,561 60-kilogram (132-pound) bags, from 152,640 bags a year earlier, the agency said today by e- mail from the capital, Kampala. […] Link – 6th May 2011
Coffee sans aroma
For South Indians unwilling to miss the mandatory morning cup of filter coffee with its heavenly aroma, the quality of the beverage on offer by the country’s premier coffee promotion agency, the Coffee Board of India, is far from inviting these days. This is a sad descent and a let-down from its past glory. […] Link – 6th May 2011
Colombia Says Rainfall Harming Coffee Crop May End in June
Colombia, the world’s second-largest producer of arabica coffee, said the La Nina weather pattern that produced above-average rainfall may end next month. […] Link – 5th May 2011
Brazil’s April coffee exports rise 18 pct
Brazil exported 2.70 million 60-kilogram (132-pound) bags of coffee in April, the Brazilian Green Coffee Exporters Council, or Cecafe, said Thursday. […] Link – 5th May 2011
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Do they know how to count the beans?
On September 28, 2010, Green Mountain Coffee disclosed that the SEC started an informal inquiry into its accounting practices eight days earlier. On that same day, the company reported an accounting error involving its K-Cup margin percentages. […] Link – 3rd May 2011
Coffee exports up 50% to 42,611 t in April
[India] – The country’s coffee exports jumped by 50.40 per cent in April this year to 42,611 tonnes, buoyed by robust global demand. Shipments of the product stood at 28,332 tonnes in the year—ago period, according to the latest data released by the Coffee Board of India. […] Link – 3rd May 2011
Cuba puts peas in the coffee again
Cubans’ morning joe will be a little more bitter and a little less potent as the island returns to mixing coffee with roasted peas in a cost-saving move. […] Link

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