Coffe news from the web – n. 58 – 15th July 2011
Café ainda espera pelo ‘efeito China’
[Brasil] – […] De acordo com dados do Conselho dos Exportadores de Café do Brasil (Cecafé), entre 2002 e 2010, os embarques domésticos cresceram 23% para a Alemanha, 34% para o Japão, 36% para a Itália, 95% para os EUA e 130% para a Bélgica. […] Link – 15th July 2011
Producción de café sube 2%
[Colombia] – La Federación Nacional de Cafeteros reveló ayer que la producción de café en el primer semestre de este año solo creció el 2 por ciento, especialmente afectada por la reducción en la producción en junio, cuando bajó el 40 por ciento, por el efecto del invierno que redujo las floraciones. […] Link – 13th July 2011
India’s coffee exports up 55% to 40000 tonne in June 2011
Buoyed by robust global demand, India’s coffee exports jumped by almost 55% in June this year to 40,000 tonnes. Shipments of the brew totalled 25,710 tonnes in the corresponding month a year ago, according to data released by the Coffee Board. […] Link – 13th July 2011
Gobierno invertirá hasta $5 mlls. al año en el café
[El Salvador] – El Gobierno espera invertir entre $4 y $5 millones anuales en la reactivación del sector cafetalero del país, como parte de una política que ayer presentó el presidente Mauricio Funes. […] Link – 12th July 2011
Africa’s Coffee Production May Drop 18% in 2011-12, ICO Says
Coffee production in Africa may drop 18 percent in the 2011-12 crop year due to a smaller crop in Ethiopia, according to the International Coffee Organization. Output in the country, Africa’s biggest coffee grower, will drop to 14.4 million bags next season from 17.5 million bags in the 2010-11 crop year, the London-based organization estimates. […] Link – 12th July 2011
Kenyan Coffee Advances 10% as Better Quality Boosts Demand
Kenyan coffee prices climbed 10 percent at a sale today as better quality beans boosted demand, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange said. The average price for all the coffee sold increased to $343.25 per 50-kilogram (110-pound) bag, from $311.67 two-weeks ago, the exchange said in an e-mailed statement today. Kenya didn’t hold an auction last week because of insufficient supplies after cold weather disrupted drying of the beans. […] Link – 11th July 2011
Coffee prices fall over weekend
Viet Nam’s robusta coffee price in the local market on the Central Highlands dropped to VND50,000/kg on Saturday, from VND50,600/kg earlier last week. It was an eventful week for the coffee local market, though there were rumours about the frost season in Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee producer and exporter. […] Link

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