Coffee news from the web – n. 103

El Universal – 2 June 2012
Café, bomba social
Nunca la economía cafetera y el desarrollo social que genera en nuestro país ha estado tan amenazada como ahora. La bomba social que desencadenaría este cataclismo económico no tiene precedente. Vamos a ver si el Gobierno se conecta […]

Bloomberg – 1 June 2012
Indonesian Coffee Premium Declines 60% As Bean Sales Increase
The premium buyers have to pay for coffee from Indonesia, the third-largest grower of the robusta variety, fell 60 percent over the past week as sales picked up, according to Volcafe, a unit of ED&F Man Holdings Ltd. […]

CNN – 1 June 2012
Popular coffeemaker recalled due to injury risk
The distributor of a popular coffeemaker sold under the Black & Decker label is voluntarily recalling the product after 68 people reported suffering cuts and burns, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Friday. […]

Pueblo en linea – 1 June 2012
ESPECIAL: La guerra de la coca, el café y el cacao en Perú
La guerra contra el cultivo ilegal de hojas de coca en Perú alcanza niveles dramáticos debido a las constantes bajas que sufren agentes del orden, campesinos cocaleros y civiles. Entre avances y retrocesos, las autoridades peruanas continúan con esta labor de destrucción y erradicación […]

Reporternews – 31 May 2012
Monks barista makes coffee art that’s grounded in real people
Every coffee shop has its regulars.
Whether ducking in for a quick pick-me-up every morning on the way to work or taking up near-permanent residence in an overstuffed chair, it’s these devoted customers who help to make coffee houses hubs of community activity. […]

Limerick Leader – 2 June 2012
Irish Coffee Festival kick off in Foynes
The festival, which began last night with a floats parade, is very much a family-oriented one, with the emphasis on lots of outdoor and free entertainment, said festival chairman Margaret O’Shaughnessy. […]

Washington Post – 30 May 2012
Making good coffee requires balancing bitterness, acidity and body
A generation ago, most Americans recognized two kinds of coffee: regular and decaf. Now we’re concerned about every last detail — from the beans’ country of origin and whether they are organic, have been shade-grown and traded fairly to the degree of roasting […]

Forbes – 31 May 2012
The Perfect Cup For An Imperfect Morning
Coffee. I drink too much. You probably drink too much. Dave Grohl drank too much. And yet most of us make it completely and utterly wrong, creating what a friend of a friend called “The taste of bitter regret.” Coffee, in all of its forms outside of trained baristas, can be wildly inconsistent […]

Bloomberg – 30 May 2012
Burundi Coffee Organization Raises Prices After Farmer Talks
ntercafe Burundi, the East African nation’s coffee-trade association, said it raised prices for the beans by as much as 3.3 percent after talks with a growers’ group that had rejected lower rates. Buyers will pay 465 Burundian francs […]

Reuters – 30 May 2012
Colombia coffee chief sees output doubling by 2020
Colombia, one of the world’s top coffee exporters, could more than double production by the end of the decade if its drive to tap new markets such as Russia and China prove successful, said the head of the coffee federation. […]

Los Tiempos – 29 May 2012
Cocaleros se interesan en el café colombiano
Diez cocaleros viajarán en junio a Colombia para intercambiar con cafetaleros de ese país experiencias sobre la sustitución de cultivos ilegales de la planta, base para producir cocaína, anunció ayer la Oficina de la ONU contra la Droga y el Delito (Onudc). […]

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