Coffee news from the web – n. 120 – 28 September 2012
Amtrada Sees World Robusta Coffee Shortage in 2012-13 Season
Robusta coffee demand will exceed supplies in the season starting Oct. 1 in most countries, with global usage increasing and a smaller crop in Vietnam, the world’s biggest grower, according to Amtrada Holding BV. […] – 28 September 2012
Cafés especiais do Brasil consolidam novos mercados
Depois de o Brasil ter se tornado o maior produtor e exportador e o segundo maior consumidor de café do mundo, o País desponta como um dos maiores fornecedores mundiais de cafés especiais, diferenciados por sua qualidade e agregação de valores socioambientais. […] – 28 September 2012
Starbucks suffers delay in India rollout
Starbucks is suffering delays in its plans to roll out dozens of stores in India, a blow to the coffee retailer’s drive to reduce reliance on its US base through aggressive expansion in emerging markets. […] – 28 September 2012
Coffee pods: Why we all want what George Clooney is having
They’re eco-unfriendly and cost the earth to run – but does that deter us from buying capsule coffee machines? Does it heck, says Samuel Muston […] – 27 September 2012
Exportaciones café Honduras crecerían un 10 pct 2012/13: IHCAFE
Honduras, el principal productor de café de Centroamérica, exportaría 5.98 millones de sacos de 60 kilos en la cosecha 2012/13 […] – 26 September 2012
El Comercio Justo se mantiene fuerte pese a la crisis
[España] – La facturación de productos de Comercio Justo en nuestro país ha ascendido a 26 millones de euros en este último año, lo que supone un 16,8% más que en 2010. […] – 24 September 2012
Coffee prices soar by a fifth in two years
The price of coffee on supermarket shelves has soared by a fifth in two years after speculators hoarded last year’s harvest and drove the price up. […] – 24 September 2012
Froth goes off Italian cappuccino demand
If life in the eurozone’s economically embattled periphery was not bad nough, now the coffee culture emblematic of southern Europe is under siege. Italians are having to cut back on their cappuccinos and espressos and Spaniards are dropping their cortados, contributing to a sharp drop in wholesale coffee prices. […]

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