SCAE delivers training workshops at Triestespresso, Italy

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) hosted a series of popular coffee training workshops as an event partner at the 6th edition Triestespresso Expo, Trieste (25-27 October 2012). This business-to-business trade fair is dedicated exclusively to coffee.

Trieste’s association with coffee began in 1700, when the first bags of coffee were landed in the port of Trieste and the coffee shops soon followed. As the nearest European port from Asia and Africa, Trieste continues as Italy’s main port for handling coffee and the roasting plants, importers, shipping houses, R&D laboratories etc. have grown up around it.

Espresso workshops in the world capital of espresso

SCAE and the SCAE Coffee Diploma System is recognised as the number one provider of education and workshops within the coffee industry.

And for the first time this year, SCAE provided a 3-day programme of workshops including a series focused on espresso: STARTING YOUR OWN ESPRESSO BAR, INTRODUCTION TO ESPRESSO CUPTASTING, ADVANCED ESPRESSO CUPTASTING along with LATTE ART and SCAE’s Coffee Diploma System GREEN COFFEE and SENSORY AND CUPTASTING.

Workshop participants were mostly from the neighbouring countries of Slovenia and Croatia. Others had travelled from France, Turkey and Puerto Rico, with a wide range of backgrounds including: roasting, training, baristi, café owners, coffee wholesale and retail managers.

A full complement of courses will be offered throughout SCAE’s World of Coffee event in Nice, Côte d’Azur, France, 26-28 June 2013.


Paola Wintenberger from Malongo, France, enrolled in GREEN COFFEE and SENSORY AND CUPTASTING workshops in Trieste along with two of her work colleagues. They had all previously completed SCAE’s BARISTA and BREWING AND GRINDING courses. Paola says, ‘Following the previous courses [at SCAE World of Coffee, Vienna 2012], we changed our brewing methods in our shops through our learning on the course and have improved procedures to get the best from Espresso, French Press, Filter, Siphon and Turkish’.

Martina Rötzer a café owner from Graz, Austria runs two coffee shops and closed her café for the day to participate in the SCAE workshops. Martina brought all her staff to train in Latte Art. Martina says, ‘ I want to make my customers happy through the presentation of my coffee’.

About Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) is a not-for-profit trade association with members from more than 70 countries worldwide and with 30 Chapters within Europe. SCAE’s objective is to define and support coffee quality ‘from bean to cup’, under the compliance of ethical and sustainable principles, along the entire supply chain. SCAE strives to be an opinion shaper and visionary while representing the interests of consumers. The initiation, organisation and support of events, seminars and education promote coffee quality, opinion formation and consumption. Furthermore, SCAE offers certified coffee training through its Coffee Diploma System and promotes coffee excellence through a programme of national and international competitions and awards.

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