Coffee news from the web n.134

 New Vision –  04 January 2013
The idle Okoreo coffee factory could change lives in Zombo
The plant also has an automatic grading system as well as a weighing machine. Between 2005 and 2006, UNEX (U) Limited purchased and processed coffee at […]

  Financial Times –  03 January 2013
Starbucks takes on Vietnam coffee culture
Starbucks will take on the traditional coffee culture of Vietnam next month when it opens its first outlet in the Communist-ruled  […] – 02 January 2013
Coffee battle heats up in India
Companies like Cafe Coffee Day, Philips and Panasonic are tapping rising demand for coffee among consumers in India, a category serving as a bellwether for changing tastes in the country  […]

 Bloomberg – 02 January 2013
Coffee Exports From Indonesia’s Sumatra Drop to Three-Month Low
Coffee shipments from Indonesia’s southern Sumatra, the main growing region in the world’s third- largest robusta producer, fell in December to the lowest level […]

 Diario del Huila – 02 January 2013
Particulares compran lo mejor del café huilense
Durante los primeros 11 meses de 2011 los comercializadores particulares (nacionales y extranjeros), compraron más de 880.000 sacos de café de productores huilenses. En igual periodo de 2012 esa cifra llegó a 915.600 saco […] – 01 January 2013
Rwanda: How Coffee Transformed the Lives of Huye Farmers
For many decades, Rwandans have been growing coffee but it was until the early 2000 that the Rwandan coffee won international accolades and demand on global markets […]

  The New York Times – 31 December 2012
Learning to Create the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Tristan Walach has a tattoo of the famous Las Vegas welcome sign on his neck. He goes by the name Ant. He teaches people how to make coffee, professionally. I have come to learn from him […]

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