Coffee news from the web n. 144 – 15 March 2013
Brazil’s Robusta Coffee Premium Advances on Higher Local Prices
Sellers of robusta coffee from Brazil, the second-biggest producer of the variety used in instant drinks and espresso, are charging a higher premium for their beans as local prices climb, according to Flavour Coffee. […] – 15 March 2013
Indonesian Coffee Premium Seen Lower as 2013-14 Harvest Begins
Buyers of coffee from Indonesia, the third-biggest producer of the robusta variety, are paying a smaller premium for the beans this week, with the harvest of the 2013-14 crop in the lowlands starting, according to Volcafe Ltd. […] – 14 March 2013
Vietnam coffee exports stuck at bottom of value chain
Though Vietnam exports the second largest quantity of coffee in the world, it does not get much value from them, industry insiders admit. […] – 14 March 2013
Las exportaciones de café de El Salvador caen un 33% por el hongo que afecta a la cosecha
Las cosechas de café en Centroamérica han sufrido en los últimos meses un importante brote de roya, un hongo que afecta al grano de café, que ha causado enormes problemas al sector prioritario en la región. […] – 13 March 2013
Demand for this commodity is still soaring – it’s time to buy coffee
After oil, it’s the most widely traded commodity in the world by volume. Global consumption is growing at a rate of 2-3% a year. But in China it’s growing by 40% a year, according to some analysts. […] – 13 March 2013
Café soluble colombiano gana terreno en el exterior
Colombia, con 603.000 sacos, ocupa el tercer lugar entre los exportadores mundiales de café soluble, informó la Organización Internacional del Café (OIC). […] – 13 March 2013
Vietnamese Coffee Brews Global Dreams
[…] Thanks to French colonial influences, the Vietnamese have developed a knack for mixing and brewing a unique style of coffee. They have also perfected the experience of quaffing the brew, elevating it to something of an art. […] – 11 March 2013
Japoneses tras la compra de café especial
[Honduras] – Unos diez compradores japoneses de la importadora Wataru llegaron al país para hacer negocio con los productores y adquirir tres contenedores (350 quintales) de café verde. […]

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