Coffee news from the web n. 158


 Laweekly – 21 June 2013
Caffeine Withdrawal a Mental Illness + Coffee Kills CreativityCoffee
For many of us it’s the last great vice of our lives. After we’ve given up everything else  cigarettes, drugs, binge drinking coffee is the one thing we hold onto, the one drug we allow ourselves as we become old and boring. But recent weeks have held some depressing news for coffee lovers […]

bandiera_francia_27x18 powerpress – 21 June 2013
The Coffee World Is Pouring Into Nice!
The much anticpated SCAE World of Coffee 2013 is almost here with thousands of people from the world’s coffee industry set to arrive in Nice from 26-28 June at the Acropolis Exhibition Centre. Sponsored by Malongo, SCAE World of Coffee, Nice 2013 is a 3-day event incorporating over 100 exhibitors and 4 WORLD COFFEE COMPETITIONS (the World Latte Art Championship; the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship; the World Cup Tasters Championship and the all new World Coffee Roasting Championship)

bandiera_brasile_27x18 reuters – 21 June 2013
ICE certifies Brazilian coffee for first time as futures sink
ICE Futures U.S. has certified coffee grown in top producer Brazil, exchange data showed. This was the first time the South American country delivered beans to New York and came as the futures market held its downtrend […]

Bandiera Giamaica .gif - Piccola stockmarkettodayblog – 21 June 2013
Jamaica will expand China’s coffee exports
According to media reports teeth, dental Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Roger Clarke has announced that China Zhejiang Rui Dan poetry Export Limited and Jamaica signed in China Blue Mountain coffee sales exclusive contract expires at 2013 Jamaica Government does not intend to renew the contract with the Zhejiang company, but adding more Chinese companies sell Blue Mountain coffee […]

 dnaindia – 20 June 2013
Tata Coffee stirs it up with instant coffee push
Tata Coffee, India’s largest coffee producer and exporter, is trying to achieve the same feat for instant coffee, too. The opening of a new premium coffee extraction plant at Theni in Tamil Nadu reflects the ongoing recalibration in the business strategy. With an investment of Rs 80 crore, the new unit is expected to take the overall volumes up by 30%  […]

bandiera_uganda_27x18 CNN – June 19 2013
Good African Coffee wants trade, not aid
Tired of seeing developed nations take the lion’s share of profits from his countrymen’s coffee crop, Ugandan businessman Andrew Rugasira decided back in 2003 that it was time for a new business arrangement. Uganda is Africa’s second-biggest exporter of coffee beans, currently producing around 3.4 million bags per year. Yet instead of being refined locally, the vast […]

bandiera_uganda_27x18 Saturday Monitor – June 19 2013
Coffee farmers to be trained in finance skills
Uganda Coffee Farmers’ Alliance (UCFA), in partnership with Centenary Bank, has launched skills training for farmers who grow coffee in the country to empower them with savings and credit management so they can improve their livelihoods. It is expected that the knowledge will help them to effectively use financial resources, increase their yields and subsequently househ […]

Flag of the Republic of China.svg Kotaku – June 20 2013
In Taiwan, They Are Printing Faces on Coffee
Coffee is serious business and seriously competitive. Let’s Cafe, a small coffee kiosk in Family Mart convenience stores across Taiwan, thinks it has figured a way to stand out: By printing people’s faces on coffee. How’s it work? Customers upload photos to the Let’s Cafe machine, which is outfitted with a printer that “prints” (sprinkles, really) the images on a hot cup of java […]

bandiera_francia_27x18 beanscene – June 2013
Coffee Kids to host beach party at SCAE World of Coffee Events
Coffee Kids will celebrate their 25th anniversary in style when they host a beach party to raise money for origin projects on 26 June. The event will take place at Hi Beach, Promenade des Anglais, France in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) at this year’s World of Coffee event in Nice, France […]

bandiera_giappone_27x18 – 17 June 2013
Does coffee increase happiness?
An interesting report conducted in Japan reveals some interesting results, in regards to coffee and how it might affect the lives of it’s drinkers. 400 participants aged 30 – 50 took part in a survey, the first question posed was: Over the past three years how much of a change have you seen in your salary? Out of those who answered, only 25 per cent had a strong interest in the coffee they drink and the way it is made. When asked […]

bandiera_honduras_27x18 The Evening Sun – 16 June 2013
York Springs coffee company aids Honduran growers and their families
The garage in York Springs where Emilio Garcia keeps his specialty, organic coffee beans is nicer than some of the homes of the Honduran workers who grew those beans. Garcia said his hometown of Marcala was located in a region of Honduras well known for its coffee bean industry. Still, the workers often can’t afford electricity, running water, or day care  […]

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