Coffee news from the web n. 164 – 1 August 2013
Vietnam Obtains 21 New Coffee Varieties
Experts from the Institute of Agronomy and Forestry Sciences of Vietnam celebrate today the achievement of 21 new varieties of coffee highly resistant to diseases. […] – 1 August 2013
Coffee exports fall 4% in Jan-July to 0.22 mn tonnes
India’s coffee exports have declined four per cent to 217,492 tonnes between January and July, compared to 226,703 tonnes in the corresponding period last year. In value terms, Indian exporters earned Rs 3,210 crore, a fall of 4.5 per cent over the same period last year. […] – 1 August 2013
Coffee Exports From Indonesia’s Sumatra Surge to Four-Year High
Coffee shipments from Indonesia, the third-largest producer of the robusta variety used by Nestle SA (NESN) in instant drinks, jumped in July to a four-year high after prices surged and farmers sold beans before a festival. […] – 31 July
Google to provide free Wi-Fi hotspot to 7000 Starbucks coffee shops in the US
Google has teamed up with Starbucks to provide a free Wi-Fi hotspot in all of the chain’s 7000 coffee shops around the USA. The search giant promises that once the update has finished, customers will be able to enjoy the web at speeds “up to 10x faster than before”. […] – 31 July
Café: Honduras perderá US$600 millones
Honduras perderá este año unos 600 millones de dólares por efectos de la roya y la broca que afectan los cafetales, así como por la baja en los precios del producto en el mercado internacional, informó una fuente oficial. […] – 30 July
The robot will take your coffee order now
[…] Today, the Austin-based Briggo Coffee introduced one more inanimate object to satisfy our cravings: the “intelligent” Coffee Haus on the campus of the University of Texas. The fully automated kiosk allows customers to place pre-orders via smartphone and receive a text when their caffeinated drinks are ready, “eliminating the long waits and variability typical of standard coffee shops,” according to a Briggo release. […] – 30 July
Expertos prevén que el mercado de café mexicano alcance los US$1.679,6M al 2017
El valor del mercado del café en México se incrementará más de US$500 millones en los próximos cuatro años cuando se espera alcance los US$1.679,6 millones, informó este martes la gerente de Expo Café 2013, Ana Rosa Corral. […] – 26 July
How Coffee Could Save Your Life
To hear most recent research tell it, coffee is a miracle drink. The magic beans will ward off skin cancer and Alzheimer’s, reduce heart failure and diabetes risks, heighten focus, and maybe even protect liver health. Oh, and decrease suicide risk, according to the newest study that validates our coffee addictions. […]briggo_coffee the “intelligent” Coffee Haus. The fully automated kiosk

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