Coffee news from the web n. 169

USA TODAY – 07 september 2013
Poop, there it is: New test for exotic civet coffee
Scientists say they have found a unique chemical fingerprint of exotic civet coffee to verify that the rare and expensive Kopi Luwak is the real […]

Terra Argentina – 07 september 2013
Producción de café de Colombia aumenta 36 pct interanual en agosto
BOGOTA (Reuters) – La producción de café de Colombia repuntó un 36 por ciento interanual en agosto, su mejor desempeño para ese mes en […]

AméricaEconomí – 07 september 2013
Exportaciones de café brasileño caen 1,6% durante agosto
Entre enero y agosto de 2013, Brasil exportó 19,6 millones de sacos, lo que representa un aumento de 13,3% en términos de volumen frente […]

Terra Argentina – 06 september 2013
México reactiva programa de coberturas para café, destina 6.8 mln …
MEXICO DF (Reuters) – México reactivó este mes un programa de coberturas de café, tras tres años de ausencia, con el que buscará disminuir […]

Bloomberg – 06 september 2013
Vietnam Coffee Premium Seen Rising Amid Thin Farmer Inventories
Buyers of coffee from Vietnam, the world’s largest producer of the robusta variety used in instant drinks, are paying a higher premium for their […]

The Age – 04 september 2013
Beanhunter app: a coffee lovers’ guide to survive
Beanhunter is a website and app that lets users rate or slate coffee haunts in Melbourne, Sydney, London and New York. Photo: Joe Armao. […]

Business Standard – 04 september 2013
India slips to 7th rank in global coffee production
India’s ranking among the top coffee producing countries slipped to seventh despite a marginal rise in production in 2012, from sixth in the […]

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