Coffee Market Report – August 2013

Coffee Market Report – August 2013
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Coffee prices continued to slide in August, despite a brief bounce atthe beginning ofthemonth. The monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price dropped to itslowest level in nearly four years, as did the monthly averages of the three Arabica group indicators. Total exports in July 2013 reached 9.1 million bags, 6.6% lessthan July 2012, but total exportsfor the first ten months of the coffee year are still up 3.6% at 94.5million bags. In terms of coffee consumption, an increase of 2.1% is estimated in calendar year 2012 to around 142million bags, compared to 139.1 million bagsin 2011. Most ofthisincrease can be attributed to strong growth in exporting countries and emerging markets, which grew by 2.5% and 4.7%, respectively. Consumption in traditional coffee‐consuming countries grew by amoremodest 1% compared to 2011.

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coffee prices. Monthly Coffee Market Report - August 2013

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