Coffee news from the web n. 178

bandiera_canada_27x18 Care2 –  7 November 2013
6 Reasons You Should Be Drinking “Bird-Friendly” Coffe
Environmentally conscious coffee drinkers already know that the brew they choose matters. They comb supermarket shelves looking for labels like “USDA Organic,” “Rainforest Alliance Certified” and “Fair Trade Certified.” Did you know, however, that there’s one more label you might want to be sure […]

 baristamagazine –  7 November 2013
Baristas on a Coffee Farm: The Adventures Continue!
Editor’s note: Barista Magazine is thrilled to be sponsoring the Barista & Farmer Coffee Reality TV project happening right now in Puerto Rico. Publisher Ken Olson will travel to Puerto Rico on Wednesday to attend the event, which brings 15 Italian baristas together at Hacienda San Pedro […]

 New York Daily News – 7 November 2013
Best time to drink coffee isn’t first thing in the morning: researcher
Caffeine has the greatest impact between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. because of the way it interacts with the production of the cortisol hormone, neuroscientist Steven Miller said, so drink your first cup during that window […]

 Nacion – 6 November 2013
Caída en picada del precio internacional del café asusta a productores
Una caída del 60% en el precio del café en la Bolsa de Nueva York, en los últimos dos años y medio, encendió las alarmas entre los productores, el Icafé y el Gobierno. La producción registrada de café de Colombia en octubre fue superior al millón de sacos convirtiéndose en el mes de mayor producción desde el año 2007 […]

 eleconomista – 7 November 2013
Producción de café en octubre alcanzó el millón de sacos
En lo corrido del año (enero-octubre) la producción cafetera creció 43% llegando a una cosecha de 8,6 millones de sacos, cerca de 2,6 millones de sacos más que la producción registrada durante el mismo período de 2012 […]

 core77 – 5 November 2013
Peugeot’s Old-School Coffee Mills
Who knew that a half-century before they produced their first car, the Peugeot family was making coffee grinders? And would continue to, for over 100 years? In 1840 the Peugeots produced their first moulin a cafe out of a combination of metal and wood. The beans were inserted […]

 Emirates – 5 November 2013
International Coffee & Tea Festival kicks off in Dubai tomorrow
The International Coffee & Tea Festival, the only dedicated trade event for the coffee and tea industry in the Arab world, begins tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Meydan IMAX Gallery in Dubai. Running until November 9, 2013, the fifth edition of  […]

 treehugger – 4 November 2013
It turns out cat poop-coffee is not just weird, it’s also cruel (video)
False labels claim most is “wild sourced” Civet coffee, aka Kopi luwak, sounds like an interesting concept at first glance. Coffee made from beans that have been partially digested by the Asian palm civet, a weasel-like member of the Viverridae family (they aren’t cats, but they look a bit similar, hence the “cat poop coffee” name). Civet coffee amateurs argue […]

  theguardian – 4 November 2013
Filter coffee: the return of a has-bean
Once the most unfashionable of coffee serves, filter coffee is making a comeback in trendy cafes and even Wetherspoons. Is it time to ditch the soy latte? […]

 All Africa –  3 November 2013
Ethiopia: International Coffee Organisation Chief to Attend Second Coffee Conference
The Second International Ethiopian Coffee Conference, which will be held in Addis Abeba on November 4 and 5, 2013 with over 250 participants, will feature the executive director of the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), Robério Oliveira Silva, for the first time. The Conference, organised by the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA) under the theme “Building a Sustainable Coffee Future”[…]

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