Coffee news from the web n. 180 – 22 November 2013. coffee prices
Falling coffee prices weigh on Brazil producers
The husks, baked dry and black in the hot Brazilian sun, crumble in the hand, revealing pale green beans. But those coffee beans could go to waste, as world prices falter. […] – 22 November 2013
Coffee Farmers Battle Climate Change
Growing coffee is a proud, 200-year old tradition in Costa Rica. About half of Costa Rica’s coffee is produced by small farmers, many of whom run small, shade-grown coffee operations. But Costa Rica’s coffee industry is shrinking. […] – 22 November 2013
London’s arty lattes: the baristas turning coffee into a craft
The baristas in London’s independent cafés don’t just make an excellent cup of coffee, they’re also turning foam into an artform, says Mollie Goodfellow – 22 November 2013
Starbucks taking Indian coffee to its outlets across globe
Tata Starbucks, the 50/50 joint venture between Starbucks Coffee Company and Tata Global Beverages Ltd, opens its first store in south India at Bangalore – 21 November 2013
Colombia coffee growers face loss, despite subsidy
US officials highlighted the losses still facing Colombian coffee growers despite a government subsidy programme, and the prospect of a return to levels of production unseen for six years. […] – 21 November 2013
Sales of single-serve coffee have tripled since 2011
Americans are forgoing traditional roasted coffee and increasingly choosing pods used in machines such as Green Mountain’s Keurig brewer – 21 November 2013
Guatemala busca aumentar exportaciones de café a mercado taiwanés
Productores guatemaltecos de café incursionarán en el mercado de Taiwán como parte de la ampliación de destinos del grano de alta calidad del país centroamericano – 21 November 2013
Productores de café piden apoyos por plaga
[México] – Roya afecta 70% de zona cafetalera en Chiapas, por lo que cultivo ha disminuido y sector está en emergencia, advierten campesinoFalling coffee prices weigh on Brazil producers

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