Coffee news from the web n. 184

 Live mint & the wall street journal – 04 January 2014
New Year Issue | Become a coffee nerd
When people find out I used to run my own cafés they naturally assume that I am a coffee enthusiast (true) and that I favour the espresso as my drink of choice (false). While it is true that I am a coffee enthusiast, I don’t consider myself a snob. The problem is  […]

 La Tribuna – 03 January 2014
Cafetaleros temen que las medidas les afecten
El sector cafetalero es uno de los más golpeados por las medidas de ajuste fiscal expresaron este viernes representantes de las organizaciones cafetaleras del país […]

 El economista – 03 January 2014
La producción y exportación de café en Colombia cerraron el 2013 al alza
La producción de café en Colombia durante el año 2013 subió un 41 por ciento con respecto al 2012 y las exportaciones crecieron en un 35 por ciento en ese mismo lapso, informó hoy la Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia […]

 huffingtonpost – 01 January 2014
The Truth About Fair Trade Coffee (VIDEO)
Does “fair trade” automatically mean you’re getting a better cup of coffee? In a new video, Vocativ takes a closer look at what the “fair trade” label really means for consumers and farmers  […]

 culinaryarts360 – 29 December 2013
Terminology to help you understand coffee roasting
The terminology used in the coffee roasting process describes the degree of heat exposure, the color of the roasted coffee beans, and the amount of oils that are allowed to break through the surface of the coffee bean  […]

 The Wall Street Journal – 30 December 2013
As Coffee Prices Decline, Investors Brace for More
Coffee prices have tumbled 20% this year, capping the biggest two-year plunge in a decade and highlighting commodity markets’ struggle with a supply deluge. Global coffee output is soaring  […]

 The independent – 30 December 2013
Waitrose faces middle class revolt over free coffee loyalty card
Waitrose is facing a middle class revolt from shoppers who claim that its free coffee and tea are attracting the wrong type of customers.
The high-end supermarket currently offers a free cup of coffee or tea for customers holding  […]

 cornerofthecafe – 29 December 2013
Best Coffee of 2013
Dear Reader, at the end of last year, against my better judgement, I compiled a Best Coffee of 2012 list. That list was a big hit and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I decided to do it again this year (EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember, the coffees in this list are only coffees that I’ve had in 2013; in no way is this list meant to be authoritative or comprehensive.)  […]


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