Coffee news from the web n. 185

 businessinsider – 12 January 2014
Coffee May Not Really Wake You Up But It Can Improve Your Memory
Coffee, as well as tasting good, may help with remembering what was the point of those endless lectures or meetings. US scientists say giving people caffeine pills just after they had been shown a series of images helped them correctly identify the same images, and distinguish similar but different images, 24 hours later […]

 elfinanciero – 12 January 2014
Cosecha de café podría contraerse hasta 40%
Para el ciclo 2013-2014 la cosecha nacional de café podría tener una severa reducción, de entre 30 y 40 por ciento, con base en las cifras acumuladas a la mitad del proceso de recolección, estimó el presidente de la Amecafé, Gabriel Barreda Nader […]

  The Guardian – 12 January 2014
Coffee may boost brain’s ability to store long-term memories, study claims
A cup or two of coffee could boost the brain’s ability to store long-term memories, researchers in the US claim. People who had a shot of caffeine after looking at a series of pictures were better at distinguishing them from similar images in tests the next day, the scientists found […]

 philstar – 12 January 2014
How can the Philippines be a top coffee exporter again?
What are the future prospects of Philippine coffee exports, and the situation of this commodity which is the world’s second most heavily traded next only to oil? Lipa City of Batangas was once a famous coffee exporter in the late 19th century.  In 1880, the Philippines was the world’s fourth biggest exporter of coffee beans […]

 La Prensa de Honduras – 11 January 2014
Un aromático recorrido por el proceso del café
Un paseo por la finca Seis Valles en Inshuma, Santa Rosa de Copán, lleva a conocer y degustar el café natural melado […]

 The Wall Street Journal – 10 January 2014
What U.S. Coffee Chain Could China’s Goubuli Be Looking to Buy?
Move over bagels and donuts. Chinese buns could be the next big thing for breakfast in the U.S. if Chinese food brand Goubuli has its way. Zhang Yansen, chairman of closely held Chinese bun maker Goubuli, has been in the Chinese press this week saying he is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire a well-known American coffee chain, without disclosing the name […]

  International Business Times – 10 January 2014
Myth Busted: Daily Coffee Does Not Dehydrate You
Drinking coffee does not lead to dehydration, researchers have said, dispelling a common myth about the morning favourite. Published in PLOS One, researchers at the University of Birmingham School of Sport and Exercise Sciences say there is no link between moderate coffee consumption and dehydration […] – 10 January 2014
Discovering Berlin’s coffee culture
Coffee lovers, listen up. Berlin is not only among the cheapest of Europe’s capitals, but it’s far from being over-run by tourists, even in summer. If you live for finding the best flat white in town, Berlin is a city with plenty of great contenders. Here are our top coffee picks in Berlin  […] – 9 January 2014
Bangalore: International coffee fest to be held from January 21
The 5th India International Coffee Festival, the flagship event of the coffee sector, will be held in Bangalore from January 21-25. The event is being organised by the India Coffee Trust and promoted by the state-run Coffee Board of the Union Commerce Ministry. About 1,000 delegates and 10,000 visitors are expected to participate  […]



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