Coffee news from the web n. 187

 BBC News – 25 January 2014
How Vietnam became a coffee giant
Think of coffee and you will probably think of Brazil, Colombia, or maybe Ethiopia. But the world’s second largest exporter today is Vietnam. How did its market share jump from 0.1% to 20% in just 30 years, and how has this rapid change affected the country? […]

bandiera_francia_27x18  slate – 24 January 2014
Why Is Coffee in France So Bad?
There is one thing the guidebooks, the Francophiles, and the blissed-out romantics never tell you: The coffee in France is lousy. Paris is a city of café culture, not a city of coffee culture. That may come as a shock to those who believe the sophisticated French palate extends across  […]

 patheo – 25 January 2014
Orthodoxy on Coffee
Your local coffeehouse may be a hotbed of heresy. Check the following list and see how yours measures up. Decaf is Docetic because it only appears to be coffee.
Instant is Apollinarian because it’s had its soul removed and replaced.
 Frappuccinos are essentially a form of Monophysitism, having their coffee nature swallowed up in milkshake.
 Chicory is Arian, not truly coffee at all but a separate creation.
 Irish coffee is Nestorian, being two natures[…]

 thehindu – 24 January 2014
Wake up and smell the coffee
Growing up in Chennai, coffee was and is synonymous with filter coffee – instant coffee was sacrilegious and cappuccinos and iced coffees exotic treats. But, now with the Café Coffee Days, Baristas and quaint little coffee shops dotting the city, ‘meeting for coffee’ has become the standard phrase to cover everything from catching up with friends to going on a first date. Frappuccino, mocha latte […]

 The West Australian – 23 January 2014
Australia coffee bean down under

Two billion cups of coffee are drunk in Australia every year and while only a fraction is made with locally produced coffee beans, growers like. Two billion cups of coffee are drunk in Australia every year and while only a fraction is made with locally produced coffee beans, growers like John Lawes think there’s good business in a home-grown brew. “It’s definitely a selling point – a lot of people want Australian, especially if it is a good coffee”  […]

 The Standard Digital News – 23 January 2014
Yes, smell the coffee and pay farmers well
Not so long ago, coffee was Kenya’s black gold. At the shopping centre, coffee farmers walked with their heads held high. A huge population of […]

 Huffington Post- 23 January 2014
Why Now Is the Time to Start Drinking Fair Trade Coffee
This was one of the thoughts racing through my head as I straddled a shivering coffeetree on a steep, crumbly volcanic mountainside in […]

 Economic Times – 22 January 2014
Global coffee exports drop 11% in October-November on weak prices
NEW DELHI: Global coffee exports fell by 11 per cent to 16.54 million bags in October-November, the first two months of the current marketing […]

 huffingtonpost – 22 January 2014
11 Unusually Beautiful Mugs For People Who Take Their Coffee Seriously (PHOTOS)
We’d like to float a theory out there that 6 out of 10 mugs were acquired for free, with the remaining 4 out of 10 coming from previous dishware sets that have since lost their accompanying plates. This is based purely on the anecdotal info acquired from visiting friends. However, there are a number of people who are very selective about the vessel which houses their precious morning cup of coffee […]

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