Coffee Market Report – January 2014

Coffee prices surged higher in January, with the monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price at its highest level in four months. The recent publication of official Brazilian production estimates for crop year 2014/15, which is due to start in April, suggests that output could fall for the second consecutive crop year, giving an initial forecast of between 46.53 and 50.15 million bags. This uncertainty over the 2014/15 crop, exacerbated by notably dry weather in some coffee‐producing regions, has given support to coffee prices over the last month.

Coffee Market Report – May 2013

Coffee prices declined further in May 2013, causing the ICO composite indicator price to fall to its lowest monthly average since April 2010. All four group indicators decreased compared to the previous month, with the biggest percentage drop recorded in Robustas. This is reflected in the arbitrage between the New York and London futures markets, which widened for the second month in succession. The sustained drop in prices observed over the last two years has reduced the revenue earned by coffee producers, and consequently there is concern that many producers may be selling at a price which is not remunerative compared to the cost of production.

Coffe news from the web – n. 71

Diario de Los Andes – 15th October 2011 Productores de café continúan afectados por precios regulados Los caficultores en todo el país continúan exigiéndole al Gobierno nacional el aumento del precio del café verde regulado, ya que el valor fijado es inferior a los costos de producción, situación que les genera grandes pérdidas y conlleva … Leggi tutto